Heritage Railways

Who are we?

"We are all guardians of history. The best way to preserve history is to make its presentation so interesting and exciting that people will pay a fair price for a great experience."
-Allen C. Harper, Chief Executive Officer-Chairman. American Heritage Railways

American Heritage Railways (AHR) is a heritage tourism company based on the preservation of railroad history. Its current operations reach nearly 1,500,000 rail passengers annually through three directly owned railroads, and through the licensing of special events at over 50 additional railroads.

We care deeply about the customers we serve and the history we preserve. American Heritage Railways is the premier tourist rail operator and the industry expert in rail-related special event management. We look forward to sharing our passion with you and your family.



Railroads across the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom work with Rail Events Inc. to license popular special events, such as the THE POLAR EXPRESSTMTrain Ride.

Learn more about how we recreated these magical stories aboard a train and how to get licensing for your railroad.


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